Invitations for Presentations

have now Closed

Watch for Submissions to Open in September for WCoNA 2022,

to be held March 11-13, 2022

WCoNA 2021

The Writers Conference of Northern Appalachia (WCoNA) invites proposals for presentations for the 2021 virtual WCoNA conference to be held on September 11, 2021.

Participants will explore opportunities, challenges, and trends specific to writers of northern Appalachia through presentations, readings, craft sessions, and panel discussions. The event will offer writers a place to gather for inspiration, further their craft, find support, and network.

Our audience

Conference attendees will include authors ranging from novice poets to multi-published novelists; educators representing the humanities, literature, Appalachian studies, and more; librarians; and individuals with an interest in northern Appalachian literature and culture.

WCoNA continues building relationships with publishers, encouraging houses to distinguish and print our region’s literature. Consider how your presentation speaks to the exceptional nature of the literature of northern Appalachia.


Sessions will be hosted on Zoom and run for 45 minutes. Presenters may submit ideas in several formats.

  • One (presenter) to Many—a presenter instructs for up to 30 minutes. A virtual moderator will collect questions during the lecture portion. Attendee microphones are then unmuted for 15 minutes of discussion. Sessions will be limited to 30 attendees.

  • Two to Four (presenters) to Many—A panel of two to four presenters provides group lectures round table discussion, or readings and discussion of your own work. WCoNA recommends an initial portion of muted microphone presentation, then open microphones for dialogue. (Note that only one of the panel presenters may submit the proposal on behalf of the group. Please include bios for each presenter.)

**Please note that when presenting your work this is more than just a reading of your research, proposal, or personal work.

  • Workshops—WCoNA will consider workshops, in which the presenter leads writing exercises, and attendees share work orally. The submitter must bear in mind that the session may have up to 10 attendees.

Only one proposal submission is allowed per person. Participants can present only once during the conference. Conference presenters and attendees must register for the full conference. To submit a proposal, please use the Proposal Submission Form below.

Considerations for Preparing your Proposal

The goal of the Writers Conference of Northern Appalachia is to advance all genres of the writing of northern Appalachia. To serve the many writers of our region, we are committed to focusing on craft.

Please see our mission statement at to understand our goals. Also, see the map that explains the geographic bounds of what we consider northern Appalachia.

Presentations can be offered by individuals with expertise in, but not limited to, research techniques; any of the elements of literature; sustaining a writing life; publishing options; the business of authorship; selling books; a particular trait of our region’s literature.

Panels allow a variety of perspectives on a particular topic. They should consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 persons, including the panel’s moderating member. Panel proposals should identify the moderator, and all panelists must be listed on the proposal.

Roundtables are hosted by two to four leaders with the expertise to lead open, interactive discussions on a specific subject. Workshops should be interactive and allow participants to engage with a specific topic or skill.

Multimedia Requests

If your program will require additional media (screenshots, document views, videos, etc.), please indicate this on the proposal submission form. Due to technical limitations, multimedia options may be limited. For that reason, please carefully explain how you intend to use multimedia for your session and why it’s imperative. Additionally, email questions to


Presenters are conference attendees who volunteer to take an hour from their conference time to share their expertise and knowledge on a particular topic with fellow attendees. The 2021 WCoNA is not providing monetary honorariums, though we offer free attendance to the conference. All presenters agree to be registered for the conference by the published deadline.

Tips for Submitting

  • Be sure to include on the submission form:

    • your name

    • occupation (optional)

    • affiliation

    • a 150-200 word bio

    • program (presentation) title

    • abstract of up to 500 words

    • Present a concise yet descriptive program title with a helpful subtitle.

Proposals will be accepted until June 18th, 2021.