Maxwell King’s Video Tribute To Northern Appalachia


Writers from, living in, or writing about the region of northern Appalachia have yet to be distinguished with a regional identity. The diverse peoples, places, cultures, folk traditions, history, landscapes, and geography of northern Appalachia are uniquely inspiring, and their stories deserve to be represented and valued as a distinct literature.

The Writers Conference of Northern Appalachia (WCONA) brings together writers and others interested in the region’s literature to honor our distinct body of work and to enhance the craft of our authors. WCoNA is a catalyst to inspire more novels, poetry, essays, history, memoir, drama, and other modes of literary writing that represent, in some way, northern Appalachia, and so create and promote a canon of writers and writing of northern Appalachia.


Identify characteristics of the literature of northern Appalachia.

Compile a body of work by writers of northern Appalachia. 

Establish a literary canon for the literature of northern Appalachia 

Create a network for writers writing about and from northern Appalachia. 

Provide opportunities for writers to hone their craft and publish their work. 


The voice of this remarkable part of the country will be acknowledged, appreciated, and preserved.


Northern Appalachia is distinguished by its diversity of people and places. Our region’s writing represents our many voices, and WCoNA welcomes everyone.

We define northern Appalachia as the Appalachia counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and the northern portion of West Virginia.